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October 19, 2017 2:09 am

Finding Peace At Pyper Lake

Crystal clear water awaits at Pyper Lake in the West Chilcotin      250News photo

Pyper Lake, BC –  Peace and solitude in the great outdoors – it’s a commodity those of us living ‘beyond Hope’ cherish and, yes, sometimes boast about. 

And while there are many destinations throughout the region that offer up that respite, Pyper Lake is a small gem in the West Chilcotin.

From a distance, Pyper Lake appears to be numerous shades of green – from a pale, milky peridot to a deep, dark emerald.  Once at the shoreline, though, you realize the water is crystal clear.

To take a dip in this beautiful, pristine lake it’s a bit of a drive from Prince George at 425-kilometres – south through Williams Lake, then west on Highway 20 approximately 45-minutes past Alexis Creek.

There’s is no provincial park at the lake, just a recreation site that is quiet and peaceful with two small beaches – making it easy to wile away the hours kayaking, swimming, or just reading a good book.  If you feel like checking out the nearby area, you’ll find numerous lakes just a short drive away.

With help on finding other highlights, it’s definitely worth a stop at the Chilcotin Tourism Information booth in Alexis Creek. 

The information centre is manned by volunteers, after being established by local residents who felt there was a need to share all that ‘out west’ has to offer.



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